Chill Out

for Body
and Soul

Whether it is a vegan curry or fine finger food,
a tasty burger or some tempting chocolate fondue.

At Chill Out we look after our guests.

An excerpt from our menu

fine selection of prosciutto, olives, salami milano, sauteed vegetables, cheese and rosemary grissini (A N G H)
leafy salad & marinated chickpeas with a bit of seasonal veggies and red onion (-)
freshly baked with a spinach & feta topping (A G)
flavoured with garlic & chili oil, served with buttered french bread (A B N O G H)
with roasted chicken, bacon, tomatoes, egg and lettuce. Served with french fries & our signature dipp (A C O G H)
with beef (100 %), onion, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chips (C A G M N F)
an addictively delicious treat...with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (C A G H F)
garnished with fresh fruits (-)
the classic Viennese dessert, served with whipped cream (C A G)